{Personal} 10 Ways This is Awesome

I’m sure you can imagine all of the things that aren’t all unicorns and lollipops about getting in a car accident and getting a new titanium femur.  But moaning and groaning just isn’t my style y’all.  So in the spirit of good attitudes and positivity here is my list (so far) of things that are kind of awesome about breaking your leg.

1.  People are going to stare.  It is a fact.  Wouldn’t you stare at a 5’11, 28 year old with a walker in Subway?!  What is awesome about this is I get to decide what I do in response.  My inner commediane will never complain about this kind of attention.  My favorite response is a head nod with a simple “this is really messing up my tap dancing career”.

2.  You get to use the electric wheelchairs at Lowes Foods and Target.  If I do life right, I’ll never have this chance again.  Might as well make the most of it!  Video: Teresa discovers the electric wheelchair.  Yes, yes I am singing “Rollin’ Dirty”.

3.  I can watch as many Golden Girls episodes as my DVR can handle.

4.  I’ve spent every Friday hanging out with my mom.  A whole day of shopping, running to Dr. appointments, and soaking up all that positive mom energy.

5.  I have two Gopher grabbers and really, the fun never wears off.  You might need to get one next time you are at Walgreens.

6.  My friends are letting me pick where we go for dinner or what movie we see – I even get chauffeur service!

7.  I can use the handicap bathroom stall without guilt.  So roomy!

8.  Little stuff doesn’t matter as much.  ”Oh nooo I spilled an entire frappuccino in the car . . . oh well, it could be worse!”

9.  The excitement of learning to drive again.  This time without the driver’s ed instructor who put his stinky feet on the dashboard or parallel parking practice!

10.  The power of the handicap parking sticker . . . when I use it I feel like I’m sliding a Platinum American Express card across the counter and daring people to question my awesome privilege.




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  2. Karen says:

    Ive spent the evening reading your blog, website and facebook. I feel like I’ve discovered a little treasure no one else knows about :)

  3. Jacque says:

    Karen…I soooo was just thinking that same thing. I clicked on a link to the blog someone shared on facebook and now I realized I have been reading the blog for about an hour.

    Teresa- you are FAN-FRIGGIN-TASTIC!!! And this post, aside form the “So you think you are too fat” post, is my favorite. A few years ago (I was 34) I broke my leg and joined the titanium club and enjoyed many of the same privileges that you mentioned above. To be quite honest I miss the attention from time to time ;)

    And now I am totally wishing I still lived in Spartanburg, SC…love your work and my oldest is needing some senior pics done. Oh well, guess I will have to settle.

  4. Shanna says:

    I too just stumbled across your site from the link “So you think you are too fat” shared on Facebook–great read. And now after reading your car wreck post and relating to it so much because of a wreck I’d had a few years back, and now this post as I sit here with a broken foot, just wanted to say thank you from a simpatico spirit down in Texas (also in weddings, but a videographer). :)

  5. Alyson Pharmer Card Carring Member of the Titanium Club says:

    Hi My New Friend Teresa,
    I too joined the Titanium club this past summer. Although not as glamourously as you. I fell down my basement stairs. Just dumb luck that I missed the bottom step and went off the side. Had to see if it was broken, so I took a step on it… Anyhoo now I have a shiny new Ti upgrade to my rt leg.I have exp all 10 of these and a few more. Like the look of pure schock when I could transfer myself w/o assistance! I’m 36 not 86! Oh yeah And a Rehab Nurse!! Gotta keep your sense of humor best tool in the road to recovery. Mary Englebreit said we miss many laughs if we don’t laugh at ourselves:-D

  6. Elizabeth says:

    as others, stumbled upon the “think you’re too fat” (often thought that) post on FB, and am now wrapping myself up with your blog. You sound like a fun, wonderful person. will be reading more.

  7. Charlotte says:

    I just stumbled across your website from a scrapbook.com post about “So you think you are to fat…”. I am a scrapbooker but many times have gone through my own albums and said many things about the way I look, when everyone else is enjoying the fact that those memories are in an album to share for eternity. After reading this post I feel so ashamed for thinking such things and know plan to pass this on to everyone I know. As a matter of fact I am putting it on my pinterest board for inspiration (just in case I have a relapse). I posted this here because I too joined the “Titanium Club” in 2004. I was playing softball for my work and hit home plate the wrong way. I jumped up to say I think I have done something to my foot or leg and that finished the job. My first cast was an ugly, bulky white cast (after emergency surgery at 9:00 p.m.) so I was just excited to get a blue pretty cast a week later. Like you said it is amazing at how exciting a small accomplishment can be (like being able to take a shower instead of taking 10 minutes to wrap your leg and sitting on a lawn chair in the bathtub. I am adding your blog to my speed dial and look forward to reading more.

  8. Bonnie says:

    Can I be your friend? I too spent an awful lot of time recovering from surgeries, I kept a positive, smile on my face attitude and people were shocked. My doctors asked me how, how are you able to do that? just make yourself happy that’s all. Could all be worse.

    You are awesome, Bonnie

  9. Brenda says:

    Teresa….I loved all of your blogs, especially the one “so you think you are too fat.” Everything you have said and expressed, is EXACTLY how I felt after my car accident in 2010 and I am still recovering from it. I died four times, had a severed main Aorta, severed liver, severed small intestine (they had to remove about 12 inches of it and re-sow me back) and was in a coma for five days. I was cut from my chest right to my privates and had over 75 staples. I also am full of rods, plates, and screws from my cervical (neck), through my Thoracic (Mid back), and to my lumbar (lower back). I have a few discs left, which are going to be removed due to they are ruptured too, now and be replaced with more plates, rods, and screws. 47 surgeries later, I am still hanging in there and still trying to be strong and positive. I have to walk with a walker and ride a rider cart when I go to stores. Seeing your story and reading your blogs, have made me realize I am NOT the only one who is going through this and I LOVE your attitude and the positive outlook you have. People ALWAYS asks me, “how do you do it and not feel like killing yourself?”, honestly, I ALWAYS say that this accident has made me a stronger person, physically, mentally, and spiritually. I NEVER let all these trials and tribulations, bring me down. I lost a lot of weight after the accident which I was happy because I needed to lose it, but I ended up gaining 40 lbs. back due to medication. But I am happy with myself, I am working VERY HARD to move forward in life and staying positive. And things like this, your story, is what keeps me going. I want to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for sharing your thoughts and your brightness that I see in you. You are such a beautiful person from the inside out. God Bless You and Your Family!!

  10. Dawn Messner says:

    Do you even know what you have done for so many people reading your blog? You have given us all such a gift. I too have been completely mesmerized by your every word. By the way, you are a very talented writer. You have a gift of putting in words what so many of us feel, but are just unable to articulate.
    By sharing your experience you have allowed others to realize they are not alone. You have inspired many not to give up when facing hardships. You have even managed to inspire women of all sizes to love who they are and to appreciate the fact that they are blessed just to be able to swing their legs out of bed in the morning.
    I’m so glad you decided to write this blog. You are an amazing and beautiful lady. Thank you so much for sharing with us all. It was a true gift.

    Dawn Messner
    P.S. Have you ever read 90 minutes in Heaven by Don Piper? Your story reminded me of his true story. Very inspirational as well.

  11. Margaret says:

    I absolutely love reading your story. I share in your experience of learning to walk again, using a walker, rolling through the store in the electric cart and those platinum parking privileges. Oh and the handicap stall is roomy but I like the extra perks of side rails and extra high seats. Unfortunately I had my titanium removed after getting MSSA following my spinal cord tumor removal, now I get to explain why I’m not a bobble head.

  12. Whitney says:

    I stumbled on your page by the Grace of God and the Huffington Post. I mean this sincerely: You are an absolute treat to the world. I am so thankful to have found your website, and will be checking back for blogs routinely. HARK! A comedienne!

  13. I stumbled onto your blog when a friend linked to your great article about feeling too fat to be photographed, and I was captivated by the writing and your wonderful, ebullient voice.

    You have a new fan here.

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