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{Wedding} White-Hempel Intimate Southern Wedding {Apex, NC Wedding Photography}


We used to study Chemistry together at 7:30 in the morning eating Chick-fil-A chicken biscuits. On Sunday’s she would ride to school on the back of her dad’s motorcycle.  He dropped her off for study hours at the Cary Academy library and we would cut up for hours under the guise of “working on a […]

Anne’s Bat Mitzvah at Se7en {Raleigh Mitzvah Photography}


“I’ve never shot a Bat Mitzvah before” I told Cindi as she sat in my office telling me about Anne’s upcoming Bat Mitzvah.  She nodded her head, smiled, and said “that’s okay”. “I don’t really know all the terms for things, I’ll be asking a lot of questions so I can plan as much as […]

Sally & Amy Celebrate 7 Years!


Amy and Sally first met in 2000 when Amy came to do work on Sally’s home.  The timing was all wrong:  Sally had a partner.  Amy had a partner.  They weren’t looking for anything different . . . but maybe that first fleeting feeling was born that day.  A little butterfly in each of their […]