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The Re-Birth of My Friend Teresa Photography

Justin and Teresa Porter

The day I met Justin Porter I knew my life would be separated in to two parts:  before Justin and after Justin.  Then as we grew together as a couple, I grew farther and farther away from who I had been before I met him.  It was a little scary sometimes, to feel so distant from the […]

{Senior} Alex’s Senior Portraits


“How do you explain to a Karen kid what Halloween is?  What a pumpkin is?  Why we carve it and put fire in it and then ask people for candy?” The townhouse she shared with 16 other students overlooking Capitol Hill during her Junior year at the acclaimed School of Ethics and Global Leadership (SEGL) […]

{Senior} Adam’s Senior Portraits


With an encyclopedic knowledge of song lyrics and more than his fair share of broken bones – Cary Academy soccer stand-out Adam Green has already shown he has what it takes to bounce back from set backs (and do it singing).  Okay, maybe not singing but he could hum the lyrics for you.  Meet one of my favorite […]

{Senior} Jess’s Senior Portraits

Cary NC Senior Portrait Photographer

Outstanding Cary Academy Senior.  Award-Winning Swimmer.  And one of my favorite client’s from this year.  Y’all, meet the gorgeous Jess.

{Personal} 10 Ways This is Awesome


I’m sure you can imagine all of the things that aren’t all unicorns and lollipops about getting in a car accident and getting a new titanium femur.  But moaning and groaning just isn’t my style y’all.  So in the spirit of good attitudes and positivity here is my list (so far) of things that are […]