The Canadian Tenors

When Cary Academy asked me to shoot promotional pictures for a benefit concert by the Canadian Tenors I almost fell out of my chair.  The Canadian Tenors are four amazing singers and so special to Justin and I.  We’ve spent whole evenings just sitting on the couch, listening to their latest CD and talking.  Their CD has helped me stay motivated and focused through hours of editing pictures.  You might have seen them on Oprah, when they performed with Celine Dion.  In addition to taking pictures at the VIP Reception and private concert (gasp!) I also shot the concert.

Canadian Tenors, Cary Academy, Cary Academy Chorus

Canadian Tenors, Cary Academy, Cary Academy Chorus

Part of what made the concert so spectacular was the Canadian Tenors shared the stage with the Cary Academy Chorus directed by Jacquie Holcombe.

Canadian Tenors, Cary Academy, Cary Academy Chorus

The Tenors were very gracious and complimentary of Cary Academy’s Chorus.

Cary Academy, Canadian Tenors, Cary Academy Chorus

I think that I am still on a photography-high from the soul enriching experience of being surrounded by beautiful music, meeting musicians I idolize, and capturing it all with artistic inspiration.  Thank you to Cary Academy and The Canadian Tenors for a great evening!

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  1. jacquie holcombe says:

    Hi Tereasa. Seeing the Tenors tonight made the Emmy’s and the evening for me. I thought they were great – just sorry we couldn’t see them. Also, I thought Clifton was trying to alter the sound of his voice in his solo section – making it much darker and affected. I didn’t like it. I heard his amazing quality come through in the harmony toward the end of the song. I hope he isn’t trying to change his tone quality, because that would just be WRONG. His sound is so unique to him and so awesme.

    Thanks for the kind words in your captions above. They are so appreicated. I would love to have some of the pictures you took that night. Can you send them to me?

    Hi to Justin!!!


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