Cary Academy Summer Quest – Photography Camp for Kids and Teens


Camper Photo When I was a kid I spent a lot of time at YMCA camp – and loved it.   Running around outside, playing dodge ball and cross the ocean, and swimming in the big Y pool.  For 8 weeks of summer there seemed to be an invisible line between the “fun” of summer […]

{Advice} The 5 Minute Family Photo


“What do you do when you’ve only got 5 minutes to get a family picture before everyone loses interest?” This question came from one of the women in my photography class last night.  She went on to point out that for my pictures someone has agreed to be a willing participant in a full hour […]

Cut The “Cheese”

WM-Brooke-13 copy

Want to capture a one-of-a-kind portrait of your child?  Then cut the “cheese”. A few weeks ago I posted a blog on getting more authentic smiles out of your kids called “Help!  My Child Smiles Weird in Pictures”.  Now I’m here to encourage you that in addition to that picture where everyone has perfect smiles […]

{Advice} 10 Easy Steps to Better Monthly Baby Photos

Better Monthly Baby Photos

High fives and hip bumps to you soul mama . . . you’re determined to take pictures of your new baby once a month to show off how much he/she is changing that first year.  You rock! You’ve pinned!  You’ve Etsy’d!  You’ve bought STICKERS!  You’re all warm and fuzzy that your Little Precious Precious  is […]

{Advice} Help! My Child Smiles Weird in Pictures.

5 Tips for Getting Genuine Kid Smiles

So . . . you’re taking a cute picture of your child and you say . . . “Smile!”  Seems simple enough right?  I mean, they smile all the time.  They were smiling 5 seconds ago!  But this . . . this face they’re making looks like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Chins pointed to […]

So you’re feeling too fat to be photographed . . .

So You're Feeling Too Fat for Pictures? My Friend Teresa Photography Puts it All in Perspective.

Listen. I hear you. You’re a few pounds heavier than you like (or a 100lbs heavier than you like). I completely understand how you feel. I get that same blah feeling about myself when I think about booking new head shots or long overdue pictures of me and Justin. Precious, I even picked a career […]

{Advice} Cary Academy Photography Camps!

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Read about 2014 Photograph Camp here. A few times a year I get the blissful opportunity to teach photography camp to middle school and high school students at Cary Academy.  Aside from actually shooting clients, teaching is my favorite thing about being a photographer.  It was a teacher at Cary Academy who first put a […]

Why does my black & white picture look different than my photographer’s?


A few times a year I offer Holiday mini sessions which are shorter in length than a regular session but include the option to receive a 3 or 4 digital files for download (often used for holiday cards).  Since I normally include several black and white portraits in addition to the color portraits this brings […]