{Teen} Cary NC Teen Dorrit E.


The baby that seemingly changes every day begs to be documented with each new word, new skill, new experience.  Then its the sports games, dance recitals, and family vacations you enjoy with your young child that remind you bring out the phone or the camera and take a few pictures.  Next thing you know you’ve […]

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Anais Nin

“And the day came when the risk it took to remain tightly closed in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to bloom.”  Anais Nin 5 years ago that quote quietly encouraged me to quit my full-time job at Duke University and pursue photography full time.  It was so scary. 3 years […]

{Senior} Spencer R. Cary Academy Senior


Meet Spencer: Cary Academy Senior – Class of 2014 She’s a total outdoorsy girl- loves camping, boating and horseback riding. Is an accomplished runner (third in state for cross country!) The perfect night with friends would include shopping at Urban Outfitters and camping at Jordan Lake. Aspired to be a professional diver when she was […]

{Senior} Sommer A. Cary Academy Senior


Meet Sommer: Cary Academy Senior – Class of 2014 Fell in love with Sea World as a kid and was inspired to become a marine biologist. Would decorate an entire house with stuff from Anthropologie if she could. Loves to go downtown with friends and be spontaneous. If given three wishes, two of them would […]

{Senior} Samantha B. Cary Academy Senior


Meet Samantha: Cary Academy Senior – Class of 2014 She lived abroad in England for 10 years (oh yeah, she’s worldly). Friends say her best trait is her compassion for others. Going to concerts, the pool, and sitting around a bonfire are some of her faves. She hopes to pursue a degree in graphic design […]

{Senior} Rachel R. Cary Academy Senior


{Senior} Nisha M. Cary Academy Senior


Meet Nisha: Cary Academy Senior – Class of 2014 She’s an avid reader and a great listener. Totally wanted to be an astrophysicist when she was a kid (didn’t everyone else??) Enjoys indie music, old polaroid photographs and 1920′s inspired art. Loves going to concerts and plays. Only senior to ever send me a sketch […]

{Senior} Michael J. Cary Academy Senior


Meet Michael: Cary Academy Senior – Class of 2014 Talented lacrosse player, golfer, and student. As a kid, totally wanted to be a magician when he grew up. Enjoys sports, video games, and some good cheap food (can you say Cookout?) Would spend countless days at Wrightsville Beach if he could. Packs one wicked lacrosse […]

{Senior} Maddie T. Cary Academy Senior


Meet Maddie: Cary Academy Senior – Class of 2014 Doesn’t go a day without feeling blessed to have her family- they’re her best friends. In her long list of accomplishments, winning a rap battle in front of a huge crowd is still pretty close to the top. She’s kind of obsessed with France- the culture, […]

{Senior} Mackenzie C. Athens Drive Senior


Meet Mackenzie: Athens Drive Senior – Class of 2014 Looks forward to studying abroad in Europe during college. Heavily involved in community service- National Honor Society, Raleigh Youth Council, Key Club, just to name a few! The perfect night with friends would include Mexican food and deep conversation. Shows her creativity through graphic design, photography […]

{Senior} Lauren K. Cary Academy Senior


Meet Lauren: Cary Academy Senior – Class of 2014 Taking a gap year to travel but doesn’t have a particular country in mind yet (she wants to see them all!) Dreams of being a famous singer or a doctor. Listens to a lot of musical theater but her favorite inspirational song is Go The Distance […]

{Senior} Kevin P. Cary Academy Senior


Meet Kevin: Cary Academy Senior – Class of 2014 Looks forward to studying abroad during his college years. Aspired to be an astronaut when he was a kid, watching every NASA shuttle launch and return. Isn’t afraid to admit that he sometimes wears a rotating collection of the same shirt in different colors every day! Enjoys […]

{Senior} John G. Cary Academy Senior


Meet John: Cary Academy Senior – Class of 2014 His post graduation plans include going to the naval academy to fulfill his dreams. Enjoys playing basketball and doing physical activity of any kind with friends. He’s not kidding when he brags about his work ethic-  the dude is a cook at a 5 star restaurant […]

{Senior} Ian S. Cary Academy Senior


Meet Ian: Cary Academy Senior – Class of 2014 Loves to play video games and competitive putt-putt with friends (yes, such a thing exists). Has a big, close family where everyone is each other’s best friend. If given three wishes, his list would include the ability to eat and not gain weight (he’s a wrestler, […]

Introducing our new My Friend Teresa Staff


STUDIO MANAGER Have you ever heard me tell that story during a shoot?  The one where I tell you what happened when I once squatted down to take a picture during a senior portrait shoot?  You know, the story I tell you to try and get a good laugh out of you while we’re taking pictures?  Well […]

{Senior} Abby G. Cary Academy Senior


Meet Abby: Cary Academy Senior – Class of 2014 Wants to study abroad in South America during college. Aspired to be a ballerina when she was a kid, wearing her tutu costume long after Halloween had ended. A perfect day with friends would include working out together, eating at Chipotle and watching movies. Loves to […]

{Senior} Erin C. Cary Academy Senior


Meet Erin: Cary Academy Senior – Class of 2014 She’s the girl who’s fun-loving and always laughing. Can be pretty blunt sometimes. Yeah, she keeps it real. Loves to try random recipes on Pinterest just to see how they turn out. If given three wishes, her list would totally include the superpower of having elastic […]

{Senior} Gordon H. Cary Academy Senior


Meet Gordon: Cary Academy Senior – Class of 2014 Loves to play golf with his “mates” (check out that Scottish accent!) Yeah, he is from Scotland. When he was a kid totally wanted to be a professional soccer player, holding daily practices in his back yard (nothing else was even a possibility) In a long […]

{Senior} Elizabeth H. Cary Academy Senior


Meet Elizabeth: Cary Academy Senior – Class of 2014 Has the kind of best friends that share books, and go camping and canoeing. Author of four books.  FOUR. Loves to write and paint. Love Love LOVES going to concerts with her friends. One fantastic smile.  

{Senior} Eugenia H. Cary Academy Senior


Meet Eugenia H. Cary Academy Class of 2013 Has been known to binge watch 7 seasons of a series in to one week. Is totally pumped up by poetry.  Say whaaat?  Yup.  She even started a Dead Poet’s Society. Enjoys literally everything she does – whether that is watching Scrubs, playing Cello, writing computer programs, […]

{Seniors} Barrett R. Cary Academy Senior


Meet Barret R Cary Academy Senior (Class of 2014) Loves being outside – even lead a group of backpackers on a 100 mile trip in New Mexico Restored a 1995 Jeep on his own last summer Has always wanted to be an underwater welder Scubadiving is one of his many passions (he’s been diving since […]

Dear CeCe – You’re 3 months old!

cece laughing

Dear CeCe – One day you’re going to yell at me and slam your door and demand to be taken seriously and I’m going to take a deep breath and remember how you used to get done breastfeeding, smack your lips, drooooooooool everywhere, sigh, and fall asleep in my arms.  You’re three months old now […]

{Senior} Carolyn C. Cary Academy Senior


Meet Carolyn Cary Academy Class of 2014 Senior. So excited to be starting at William and Mary next year! Yes, she is the girl singing and dancing with friends in her car.  Probably Les Mis or Wicked. President of the National Honor Society and SADD Editor of the School Newspaper the Campitor Was one of […]

{Senior} Brittany S. Cary Academy Senior

cary academy senior brittany s

Meet Brittany S. Cary Academy Senior (Class of 2014) Awarded the highest award by the Girl Scouts, the Gold Award Loves the big city but is most at home outdoors, especially the mountains One of her favorite high school experiences was her foreign language trip to Ecuador At various times in her childhood wanted to […]