{Senior} Brittany S. Cary Academy Senior

cary academy senior brittany s

Meet Brittany S. Cary Academy Senior (Class of 2014) Awarded the highest award by the Girl Scouts, the Gold Award Loves the big city but is most at home outdoors, especially the mountains One of her favorite high school experiences was her foreign language trip to Equador At various times in her childhood wanted to […]

{Seniors} Beyla P. Cary Academy Senior

cary academy senior beyla

Meet Beyla Cary Academy Senior (Class of 2014) Would love to plan an exotic study aborad experience during college Has danced with the same Indian dance group for 11 years – winning multiple competitions Loves her big extended family, spread worldwide (awesome travel opportunities!) Wanted to be a croc hunter, just like Steve Irwin when […]

{Seniors} Alexis H. Cary Academy Senior


Meet Alexis H. Cary Academy Senior (Class of 2014) Wants to go to SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) and major in Fashion Marketing and Merchandising Dreams of studying at their Hong Kong campus, minoring in Chinese Always has time for an ol’ fashioned road trip with friends Loves her large, unique family and […]

{Seniors} Austin N. Cary Academy Senior


Meet Austin N. Cary Academy Senior (Class of 2014) Looking forward to going to college next year and playing lacrosse Has a Megladon tooth his family found while fossil hunting A great night out with friends would include playing soccer or poker or going to a local college sports game When he was a kid […]

{Seniors} Anna-Katherine Fort Mill High School


Meet Anna-Katherine Fort Mill High School Senior (Class of 2014) LOVES foreign languages, dedicating her summer to learning French and Chinese A perfect day with friends would include going to the movies, eating cupcakes, singing and having a sleepover Mommy to Puzzle the mini chihuahua Favorite place on earth is Disney World (duh!) When she […]

{Seniors} Andrew H. Cary Academy Senior


Meet Andrew H Cary Academy Senior (Class of 2014) Talented computer programmer with a talent for coming up with creative solutions to difficult problems Co-Captain for the Science Olympiad team Given three wishes would totally use one of them on the ability to read people’s minds Wanted to be President or a Firefighter (like his […]

{Seniors} Alexis W. Cary Academy Senior


Meet Alexis Cary Academy Senior (Class of 2014) Looking forward to going to a great college and traveling abroad (anywhere and everywhere!) A perfect night with friends would include gathering around great sushi and having great conversations Loves photography, dancing and writing Total daydreamer    

{Senior} Chandler C. Cary Academy Senior


Meet Chandler Cary Academy Senior (Class of 2014) Going to college, studying abroad, and being on the dance team are in her near future Wanted to be a lawyer when she grew up because she loved to debate Pssst.  She has been collecting Holiday Barbie’s since she was a baby A perfect night with friends […]

{Senior} Elliot K. Cary Academy Senior


Meet Elliot Cary Academy Senior (Class of 2014) Accomplished violinist, has plaid at Carnegie Hall, The Kennedy Center, and Severance Hall When he was a kid wanted to be a baseball player . . . or Martin Luther King Jr (ha!) A perfect night out with friends would totally include going to dinner and chilling […]

{Personal} Today I Felt Like Supermom

The Porters-1043

Photo by Tara Parker Photography.  (c) 2014. Today I felt like freaking Supermom.  CeCe slept 8 glorious uninterrupted hours for the fourth night in a row.  I woke up feeling like I could run a marathon . . . but instead I ran a momathon.  Before 10:30 I had cleaned the house, run a load […]

{Senior} Tori P. Cary Academy Senior

cary academy senior tori

Meet Tori Cary Academy Senior (Class of 2014) Talented artist and musician, you can see her latest work at www.victoriaemma.com/ Accomplished harpist, she toured Europe with the American Youth Harp Ensembles 2013 Tour Leader for Operation Storybook which writes, illustrates, and publishes storybooks for developing nations. Model – signed with the Maralyn agency Was an extra in the […]

{Senior} Brittany L. Cary Academy Senior


Meet Brittany L Cary Academy Senior (Class of 2014) Never one to sit on the sidelines, Brittany has overcome several serious sports injuries and keeps playing Practically lives on the water during the summer – especially loves to water ski Loves sushi and being outside (rain or shine!) Dreams of living in New York City […]

{Senior} Cami G. Cary Academy Senior


Meet Cami Cary Academy Class of 2014 A great night of friends would include going for a run, or grabbing a smoothie Loved going to art museums with her mom when she was a kid, and had dreams of becoming an artist Wants to be outside . . . all the time for any reason […]

Putting Away the Newborn Clothes


Today I put away  put in a stack that I can still stare at,  all of CeCe’s newborn clothes.  I let my thoughts wander to washing all of her clothes and meticulously putting them away in the weeks before she was born, and the adorable monkey face on the butt of my favorite little pink outfit with the long sleeves that turn […]

Cary Academy Summer Quest – Photography Camp for Kids and Teens


Camper Photo When I was a kid I spent a lot of time at YMCA camp – and loved it.   Running around outside, playing dodge ball and cross the ocean, and swimming in the big Y pool.  For 8 weeks of summer there seemed to be an invisible line between the “fun” of summer […]

{Seniors} Neil L. Cary Academy Senior


Meet Neil Cary Academy Senior (Class of 2014) Going to college, studying abroad, and ultimately following in her dad’s footsteps and becoming a lawyer are just some of the plans Neil has for the next phase of her life. Totally loves Debate and is a captain of the team this year. Has a group of […]

{Senior} Gabrielle M. Cary Academy Senior


Meet Gabrielle Cary Academy Senior (Class of 2014) After falling in love with making treats in the kitchen, she decided she wanted to be a baker when she grew up. Talented swimmer, helping her relay team set a new school record during state finals. Loves to travel – especially annual family vacations to the beach. […]

CeCe Helps Around the House

CeCe Sleeping

On the weekends we get CeCe out of her crib and put her in the bed with us for early morning snuggles.  I love how complete my world feels when we’re all tucked in together.

{Family} Lexie and Mira’s Mini Session


Two of my favorites back again for a quick family portrait mini session in Raleigh.  

{Senior} Sonum T. Cary Academy Senior


Meet Sonum Cary Academy Senior (Class of 2014) Attended the distinguished School of Ethics and Global Leadership in Washington, DC Loves to choreograph dances with friends for Indian festivals Plans to continue her work with fighting human sex trafficking after graduation. Has always wanted to be an eye doctor – she’s been fascinated with eyes […]

Dear CeCe – You’re Two Months Old!


Dear CeCe, I can’t believe it but you’re already two months old!  Outside our home everything is thawing from the winter ice and snow.  Inside it feels like we are thawing out too…the sluggishness of new parenthood is falling away, the isolation of keeping you locked away from strangers is passing through, and our minds […]

{Personal} CeCe’s First Shots


  We took CeCe to get her first shots on Monday.  Staring at a newborn in the waiting room, I couldn’t believe how big CeCe suddenly looked.  I had mentally prepared my fragile mom heart for her being upset by the shots but barely held it together when she turned her head and looked at […]

{Senior} Oliver E. Cary Academy Senior


Meet Oliver E Cary Academy Senior (Class of 2014) Trustworthy and adventurous – college and traveling top his post-graduation plans Loves to go rock climbing Can play three different instruments (so can his 2 sisters!) Wanted to be a firefighter or an astronaut when he grew up – but being a doctor like his dad […]

{Family} Meet the Resnick’s


Chelsea first heard my name while she was researching photographers in the Triangle area.  Having just relocated for work, they were new to the area and just getting settled.  Their daughter Imogen was turning 6 months old and needed new pictures…the perfect occasion for a family shoot.  Then the craziest thing happened – in the […]