Crying That Won’t Stop

My Friend Teresa Photography, Baby Crying

Your poor daddy.  Both of his girls are currently losing their shit.  It is 11:00 and you’ve been crying since 9.  I’ve just been crying since your daddy got home and asked me if I was OK.  Tears of frustration.  Tears of inadequacy.  Tears of hurt for you that I can’t make it stop.  I run through the list in my head . . . your diaper is clean, your tummy is full, you’re warm and safe . . . what is wrong and why can’t I make it better?  What am I missing?  I can’t even google my way out of this one.  My ears are ringing with your screams.  My cheeks are so hot I’ve convinced myself I have a fever.  There is no mistaking what is making me cry – these are mommy tears.  Now that you’re settled down with your daddy (thank God for your daddy!) I start thinking of my mom and suddenly feel sorry for all the hot, stinging mommy tears she must have cried over me too.  Everyone says that it will just keep getting better, but tonight I’m pretty sure I’ll have mommy tears for the rest of my life.  Your poor daddy.

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  1. Janet Hasbargen (Brian's mom) says:

    Sometimes when babies cry they are possibly in need of chiropractic treatment, that is one solution you may wish to try. I have noticed that many moms try that for colic or excessive crying…my grandson was allergic to milk from his breastfeeding mom (my daughter) they had tested him for that, he was put on soy milk formula and that solved the problem. Check with your doctor for answers.

  2. Marie says:

    I feel your frustration so much. Most of the time the only thing that worked for my babies was just getting them into the car and driving around, sometimes for a couple of hours! I think there’s a gas bubble in there that sticks and the gentle swaying of the drive helps dislodge it. They always had a great poop after! Anyway, I hope this helps. Stay strong. Go for walks. Peace be with you.

  3. Could she have colic? My son cried for three solid months — and then I figured out he was just eating too much. I was nursing on demand, and this is a kid who just doesn’t know when to quit.

    Hang in there! I know you know this … but it’s so totally worth it, and this stage doesn’t last long at all (though it feels like forever when you’re in the middle of it).

  4. Susan says:

    Just a note from a random stranger to say “hang in there”.
    10 years ago I had a colicky daughter. Thinking that I had this motherhood thing in the bag, I was floored. Nothing could have prepared me for the feelings of hopelessness, the sense of inadequacy, the worry that perhaps I wasn’t quite cut out for this gig. Cut to 4 months and 3 weeks of age, my daughter’s crying stopped. Suddenly I was a cool, calm and efficient parent and my daughter smiled at me adoringly. Yours will too. Hang in there. It is painful, but it will pass. When you can’t stand the wails…take a quick step outside. breathe… and depend on all those that are available to take shifts with an inconsolable baby…
    You’ve got this.

    • Teresa says:

      Hey Susan – Thanks so much for writing. It seems we’re through the worst of the insane crying thanks to the help of a wonderful post-partum doula, a little getting to know each other, and most importantly I think just a little time. It is always nice to hear from mamas who have done this before and survived!

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