From Broken Bones to Rolling Stone!

So just to recap – this was how I started 2012 . . .

I crashed.  I broke my leg and got some new titanium parts.  I learned to limp and then to walk.  I was surrounded with love.  I got home, did a lot of rehab, took a deep breath and got back to work.

Now 2013 is busting on the scene and with it some pretty amazing news.   One of my favorite families:  Lexie Hallman and her daughter Mira (whom I have been taking pictures of since her newborn portraits) have had one of their portraits hand-picked by Rolling Stone as a finalist in the My Family Still Rocks contest.  Out of more than 20,000 entries this image from their December session and her story were selected as one of 12 finalists.

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You can join me in cheering for Lexie and Mira by voting for their picture and story through Rolling Stone website.  Voting is open through January 17th.

7 Responses to “From Broken Bones to Rolling Stone!”

  1. william says:

    great portrait! congratulations!!

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  3. Nancy Center says:

    THIS. is WON-DER-FUL!!!hope you won. it’s amazing!

  4. Robert says:

    A great story, you are an inspiration in how you deal with all this and share. And an excellent photograph with loads of emotion and connection – hope you win!

  5. Marti Bogdon says:

    Your story is awesome & inspiring! It seems to me that besides your wonderful talent as a photographer you are aslo a talented writer! Thanks for sharing…and best of luck!

  6. Kathi says:

    I just loved your story! There is so much wisdom in what you say. I am the unofficial photographer in my family and I get so frustrated with the moaning and groaning that happens when I try to gather family members together for a picture. I look on it as capturing a special time we are privileged to have together. We never know when the next time is we will all be together. Our children and grandchildren will prize these “moments in time” someday. So thank you for saying it. Let’s quit trying to be perfect and appreciate the wonderful life we have and the loved ones in it. Thanks for putting it so eloquently!

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