Giving Up On Being Perfect

Baby smiling, My Friend Teresa Photography, Cary Newborn Photography

I’ve come to terms with the fact that I might not be awesome at this next chapter of my life.  As a recovering perfectionist I am accepting that I might just be white knuckling it from day to day without my planner written in beautiful color-coding, or a memory of where an obscure but critical document is (where are our passports anyway?) or the most perfectly perfect follow through with friends, family, or even ((deep breath)) clients.  But I will MAKE IT FREAKING HAPPEN the best I can.  Every day.  And for now “good enough” actually is.

2 Responses to “Giving Up On Being Perfect”

  1. Linda Velto says:

    Teresa, you might not be perfect at this next chapter. (OK, let’s face it, you WON’T be perfect, because nobody is.) But you don’t have to perfect to be awesome! And I have absolutely no doubt that you WILL be awesome!

  2. Lauren Gentry says:

    Teresa. . .I love it! What a great reminder to all of the “recovering perfectionist” among us ;) It is an ever-changing adventure and it might be perfect, but it will be fun, exciting, and invigorating! Welcome to mommy hood :)

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