Why am I spotting before period is it normal?

Why am I spotting before period is it normal


It is the time to put your period panties away for a whole month, but suddenly you are spotting before periods. According to many gynecologists, spotting is normal. It occurs to you next due date of the period, and you are bleeding lightly. There must be many reasons why you are bleeding in this way. It is normal and happens due to the hormonal changes when the formation of the embryo nestles and gets in your blood, thickening the inside layer of your uterus. Spotting is the regular part of your life all you have to find out the main reason behind it.

Common reasons

  • If you have an implantation, bleed which is caused due to the implantation of the embryo.
  • It can also happen in the early pregnancy when the blood vessels become enlarged with blood and makes the situation very irritating and lets you bleed.
  • A tubal pregnancy
  • you have any miscarriage.
  • Any hormonal imbalance due to any disease
  • Side effects of improper medication. Women who take anti-depressant medicines often have to face spotting before period.
  • If you are taking blood-thinning medicines
  • You may suffer from any vaginal infection
  • Stressing also affects your body system or imbalance the body.

Spotting is common

Almost 25 to 30 percent women have to go through spotting or irregular vaginal bleeding during the early days of pregnancy. If you are suffering from spotting, then it is recommended to wait and see where the situation leads to because it is perfectly okay to face this condition. It occurs and depends on the period cycle because hormones keep on circulating in your body and facilitates your physical as well as emotional signs.

Never had to spot

Those women who always had regular periodical cycles so spotting can create much confusion and irritation for them. If you never experienced this situation, then the condition will be worrying for you, but you do not have to be much concerned about it because the situation is entirely reasonable. It is important to have proper tests and complete examination by the health care professional because you may be pregnant or suffering from stress.

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Just do not get confuse from where the spotting is coming because sometimes even the urinary infections may also let the blood stained. The women who suffer from hemorrhoids also suffer from internal or external bleeding, but if you are sure that the bleeding is from the vagina, then you can consult your doctor to make sure the reason and identify the cause of spotting.

Am I pregnant?

It may be possible that if you get your pregnancy test, and it may be negative. However, it is advised to have a proper ultrasound if you are unable to detect the reason of spotting before period. There are 5 percent chances that you may be pregnant, and the bloated blood vessels leave the stains on your panties. You must consult a health care professional or your doctor before taking any medications. Do not try to attempt any home remedy before the proper consultation.